Guidelines to wearing a LEATHER JACKET 

Something caught my attention of late, The leather jacket trend. I feel it’s being abused, especially by some of us in this part of the world. Why wear a leather jacket when it so obvious the weather is hot? What are you trying to achieve? Admiration? Hell no! It is obvious that the leather jacket adds some type of style and in someway makes you look like a “badass”, but i would say i don’t feel it is right to wear a leather jacket when it is so hot. Here are a few reasons why i think the leather jacket should be worn.

1. Attitude: It is the most important reason of all to me. Leather jackets are masculine in nature and it is as simple as that. Guys who want to give off that tough “badass” impression have been known to wear them since it became a trend.

2. Protection: To be more practical, the leather jacket doesn’t only add that toughness to your look but protects you from physical harm  (scrapes and cuts) , cold and other elements. The material is indeed ‘tough‘. This is the only reason why bikers, cyclists and the others still opt for it other than the usual denim or other clothings. Leather is literally and effectively a second skin; way tougher than your actual skin if you ask me.

3. Durability and Longevity: A good leather jacket will last for a very long time; if possible decades and even serve as inheritance for your sixth generation. Hahaha, just kidding though. But, it has a bigger advantage over other forms of clothing because it is not woven. It is a solid mat of fibre all pressed together even if there is a cut or scrape, the damage usually isn’t noticeable.

There are different type of leather jackets, here are a few i know of;


2. Double Rider motorcyclist jacket.

3. Moto racer leather jacket.

4. Duster.

 Leather is masculine. You can just throw it on anything you’ve got on and viola, you nailed it? Hahaha, you wish. A lot of good “bad” looks have surfaced from this strategy. There are a few principles or guidelines to follow depending on the look you are going for, here are a few of them:

1. Not all jackets work at all level of formality. You certainly cannot just throw your banded up double rider leather jacket on your khakis and button-down and expect to get the amazing look comments when you get to the office, HELL NO! Just because it’s leather doesn’t mean it’s dressed up. Make sure its cleanliness and wears matches that of your outfit. 

2. Start with a good fit. Leather cannot be adjusted; that is once you take it to the tailor to slim fit, it’s gone. So you must buy the right shape and fit for your body from the shop. You may want it to be a little loose so it doesn’t stick to your body and end up causing itching or discomfort. Then again, an oversized jacket that is bulgy and flares certainly is unattractive.

3. Leather and business dress. Basically, leather is casual. It’s certainly not a strict businessman look nor is it a broadroom attire . You can throw in a slim moto jacket over a dress shirt and tie, paired with some wool slacks and black leather shoes. It will definitely give off that look of the young successful businessman look who eases off the stress of work over a cup of whiskey after every meeting. *winks*.

4. Finally, under no circumstances should a leather blazer stand in for a proper blazer

In reference to an earlier statement about wearing leather jackets in this part of the world with our tropical type of weather, i call it a bad idea. It is suicidal for anyone to wear a leather jacket, especially a black one, in the afternoon. Really? I mean in this SUN? For real?

So guys, please don’t just throw on a leather jacket because you want to or because it’s trendy. You want to wear leather, do it right please.

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