Girl of the moment| Folawiyo lisa is a boss chick

One of Nigeria’s largest cities, Lagos is one of Africa’s biggest fashion metropolis and has enabled Nigeria earn a recognition as part of the epicenter of global fashion and we have the likes of Folawiyo Lisa of Jewel by Lisa to thank for it.

Born and raised in Lagos state, the fashion designer started her fashion line in the early 2000s. Her charming style and her penchant for being different has an impact on why she is at the top today. Most designers as at the time she was coming out used the Ankara sparsely, she was one of the few who stuck it out, creating the first embellished traditional textile collection as part of her debut. Lisa transformed the textile industry and created something that is still globally admired.

There is so much to be uncovered from this gorgeous designer and we believe that she is going to blow our minds in the coming season. Remember the saying that goes, behind anything or anyone successful, there’s a woman to thankthat is the case of Jewel by Lisa because Folawiyo Lisa is a strong and courageous woman. She has proven time after time that she is here to stay. The boss chic is building an empire, a legacy that will live on for generations and will always be remembered and all of this is done with style.

Lisa once said she was her own muse. Why not? It’s obvious that with every layer you peel off, there’s a new discovery with Lisa. She believes that the infusion of traditional fabrics with western influence is what turned Lagos state into fashion capital that it is today.

Here’s a lookbook of why Lisa Folawiyo’s name can’t stay off our lips and why her style is so revered…

Photo source: Instagram( @lisafolawiyo)

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