GENTS|4 things to know when choosing a neck tie

In life, they say ‘behind every great man is a greater woman’ but when it concerns men’s style, I would say ‘behind every great knot is a greater man’.


A tie is a powerful accessory, it is one of the first things people notice when you suit up. A nice tie sets you apart from others and can easily distinguish you as a classy man.

As you all know, working professionals in formal organizations all over the world wear suits, and one major accessory meant to complete a suit look is the Neck Tie. Sadly, it is one accessory that most men don’t understand how to incorporate well in their dressing. The following are what you should know when choosing a neck tie.

1. COLORS: Every man should explore some little more colors when choosing ties. Usually basic colors like black, navy blue and red etc are the most purchased colors. However, these basic colors are nice when the fabric used for the tie is patterned; that way it won’t look so plain and normal.

Gents and ties

2. No man should wear the same tie multiple times within a week. Atleast one tie, two days a week that’s fine. As you go out to shop for clothes, shop for new neck ties so you don’t end up wearing same old ones for so many years.

3. CARE: Your ties need just as much care as you give to your clothes. You should wash your tie and neatly fold in a clean place when dry


4. EXPLORE: There are several ways to knit your tie apart from the regular Nicky and Pratt styles we know. Don’t stick to one style all year long, explore, learn how to make new knots and change your styles.

Kayoja The list goes on…

For clarity purposes and a better understanding of this post,  it would be continued in the next post. Stay tuned!

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