How long has it been since your last wardrobe ruthless purge? We don’t mean removing few things you haven’t worn in a while; we mean taking out everything and starting with stuff you love only. Ages, yeah? Well, we know how hard it can be to ditch items you spent hard-earned cash on. So we have decided to help you with steps to ruthlessly purge your closet and not feel guilty about it.


Step 1: Empty out your closet

Yes! Take every single thing out and ensure all the littered clothes in all nook and cranny of the house are all in one place- your laundry, storage etc. Don’t skip anything.

Try on items you haven’t worn recently. Yes! Including that special occasion dress you have been saving ” just in case ” . You will be surprised how many ‘just in case’ that doesn’t fit anymore.

Step 2: Sort each items into 4 piles

* LOVE IT: If it’s appropriate for the season and you love it and want to put it on right this instant, then please put it back in your closet.

*MAYBE: Is it a bit off? The colour? Are you keeping it because of sentimental value or that you paid enough for it and feel sinful if you get rid of it? If yes, put in a box and save it. If you find yourself wishing you had it in the course of the year, RETRIEVE IT. If no, donate it and let someone enjoy it with love.

*HATE IT: Please take it out. Donate or sell to fund new purchases.

*SEASONAL: It’s not the season but you love it, put in a box and keep. When the proper season rolls in you can add it to your closet.


It is very important to touch each piece and consider if it’s brings you joy. This works like magic. Trust your guts.

We understand that not everyone loves a seasonal wardrobe and it absolutely fine. If you like to keep all clothes in your closet all year round, go for it. Most people feel like it’s very wasteful to give away perfectly good clothing, but look at it from this angle; it’s not a waste if it’s blesses someone who needs it. Pick a homeless people’s home and drop your package.

Step 3: Access what’s left

You may want to live with your clothes for a while before shopping new pieces. If you are struggling to define your style, this process will help your goals. In this phase, you should be able to define your personal style and what you need to round up your wardrobe. Keep a little jotter or notes on your phone with a list of items you need, then while shopping , it will help you shop strategically.

Step 4: Shop

This is an ongoing process, we don’t think its possible to actually buy all you need in your wardrobe at once, unless of course you are creating a capsule wardrobe. Now that you have taken stock of and have a detailed inventory of what you have in your wardrobe and what you don’t, it makes it a whole lot easier for you when next you go out shopping for new gear.

Remember you are what you wear. If you haven’t tried a purge before and want to do it now, these steps will help. Feel free to share your experience with us.


  1. Such a good piece, I have been so busy, and my wardrobe is such a mess. I so wanna do this but I never do. Now I’m inspired.

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