FOR THE LADIES: The thin line between “sexy and trashy”

The word “sexy!”…Hmmm, Oxford, as well as Merriam-Webster dictionaries both defined it as “sexually appealing,attractive and exciting”. Other dictionaries have their own definitions, however they all say about the same things. If someone or something is considered “sexy”, it is said that he, she or it is seen as appealing in a sexual context. Trashy has also a series of definitions too. Merriam-Webster defined it as “being, resembling or containing trash”, Oxford just outrightly called it “poor or low quality”.

As different as the definitions of these two words may seem, in relation with reality and modern day perception of the words, a very thin line separates them. “What exactly does that mean?” you might ask. Don’t worry, it will all become clearer as we proceed.

There is this common notion that ladies generally have on how to turn a guy on, “just show up naked.” Yes, it is known that males are a very visual sex, a lot depends on what their eyes see. However, trust me, showing up naked is like opening the show with the main event,everyone will leave their seats and head for the exit right after,whether with outstanding remarks about the performance or the direct opposite. Whatever the case is, it’s curtain call, the show is over, shikena, o pari o “to your tents oh Israel.”

A clothed female body is like an onion,with each layer peeled off comes yet another smooth layer, right until the very last one. And after the last layer is gone, there is pretty much nothing else to peel off. So showing up naked and thinking its the way to get the party started,is not even remotely the way to go.

The fact that the word “sexy” means appealing or attractive in a sexual context doesn’t mean that a lady should show up with what her “mama gave her” barely covered, out in the open for the world to see. That’s not sexy, trashy is a better word to qualify it. Here are a few tips that will help make the difference between “sexy and trashy” less blurry.

  1. A LITTLE CLEAVAGE IS ABOUT ENOUGH: Whether you are a 28AAA cup size or a double D and above, it’s always safer to avoid dresses with really plunging neckline. Too much display of “what your mama gave you” isn’t appealing. It makes you appear needy of attention and trust me, that is not perceived as sexy. And then again there is the risk of a nip slip. You won’t want to be walking around not knowing your nips are out there for the world to see would you?
    We love you Jennifer, but this wasn’t sexy.


  2. WHEN SHORT IS TOO SHORT: We all love those cute little skirts or dresses don’t we? But there is a point when cute becomes disturbingly unsettling. Yes, it can be perceived as sexy, but in a very classless way, trashy would be a better word for it. Avoid skirts or dresses that you will have to hold in place while you walk or have to pull down every other minute. It will be outrightly unsightly when you have to bend down to pick up something and we catch a glimpse of your pantie(that’s if you even wore one), or maybe you are outside and a draught of unfriendly wind blows up your skirt at the most unfortunate time.
    Oops! Sorry Elizabeth…


  3. WHEN BACKLESS, BRA LESS: Backless dresses are absolutely beautiful, a lady can hardly ever go wrong in one. It becomes utterly repulsive and a complete eyesore when bra straps are visible. We all know that backless dresses should be worn with stick-on or adhesive bras, but you will be surprised to know that some ladies still don’t know this. Come on girl, you put on that dress not just because its gorgeous, but because it shows off your back in a glamorous way. So your bra strap shouldn’t be seen, we don’t want to know the colour.

    Strap VS Strapless…
  4. THE TRASHY SLIT: Avoid dresses with really long slits, whether on the side, behind or in front, its too risky. It’s like flying really close to the sun and not expecting to get burned. The line between a sexy slit and a trashy one lies just at the knee, any higher and you will be on the verge of trashiness. God forbid that dreaded draught of wind comes along again or you take steps that are a bit too long…epic fail!
    Kelly Brook dress slit fail
    Kelly Brooks darling, we really didn’t need to see that…


  5. THE UNSIGHTLY PANTIE LINE: One way to ruin a perfect outfit is to wear the wrong pantie underneath. It’s always best to take a second look at yourself in the mirror when you are done “glamming” up for your outing, or at least have someone check you out just in case there is some underwear line action going on. There are specific types of panties for specific types of attires, be sure to wear the right one, or just go commando(not exactly recommending the latter though,too risky). Visible lines completely trashes up a beautiful attire
    Would have been an awesome shot, but damn those lines…

    Darlings, the moral of this long story is, show off those curves, that smooth,glowing skin, your overall endowment, but reserve the juicy details for the imagination.

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