Five Street Style Trends To Know From HLFDW

Street style
Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week isn’t short of style inspiration on the streets. What are our fashion editors, fashion bloggers, fashion stylists and fashion designers wearing now? Here’s our round up on the new playful mood set to inspire your wardrobe…

HLFDW street style

PlayGirl: She sure knows how to play with colors and designs cleverly. The black hoodie, the monochrome trench coat, the two shades of coral statement belt and face cap and then the kicks. I can only say she has some heavyweight style credentials. 

Trench coat

Back to the 60s: Where did the thought of wearing this coat to the back come from?? This is super cool, added to the fact that she picked up something from the 60s and turned it into a beautiful 21st century street style.

Mix and match
Mood; Polished Playfulness: Life is too short to wear boring clothes. The mix and match of prints, the colors, the tote bag and the body bag??? Oh my God! I’m in love with these styles. They cleverly selected good colors, not too loud or dark either.

Detailed beret
Pin up Details: There’s not much to say about this beret. As you can see it’s an all pinned up beret.Awesome detailing. 
HLFDWThe Trick; A Trench Coat Over a Maxi Dress: Yellow was having a moment on and off the catwalk at Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week, but this styling is all about the silhouette. Note how fresh the maxi dress and trench coat combo look. Check out the sleeves though! 

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