KayojaAs we all know, the month of March is when women are celebrated so I call it ‘the month of the woman’. My studies have shown that the females celebrate and pay more attention to fashion than males which is why I’m dedicating ‘fashion power’ to every woman whether old or young.

Here are some items that will make you, I mean Β women feel and look more powerful instantly.

MONOCHROME:Β Strength comes in several forms and, sometimes to do more, less is required. Monochrome rentals wearing one color in different hues; it particularly has to do with neutrals (black and white). However, this should be done tastefully to avoid tackiness. What this does for a woman is that it drives certain strength not just to you but to other people as well because there is something overpowering about wearing monochrome.

POWER SUIT: The term ‘power suit’ is used here to refer back to the 80s when the suit symbolized female empowerment at the workplace. In 2018, the idea seems quite different-it’s a computer age, things have changed, a lot, I’d rather opt for a leather suit than a polyester suit cause leather even without being made to a suit already interprets ‘power’.

HIGH HEELS/BOOTS: Luxury designer Christian Louboutin once quoted “the higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.

This quote is actually really true. High heels to women serve as psychological make-up. The beauty of heels is that they fit everything; from jeans and tee to dress etc but make sure to buy the right fit. Not too tight or too loose, not wavy and try to walk with them on the runway carpet before buying. Β Even boots get to work wonders in a woman’s entire look. It gives her bossy steps. Lol


SHOULDER PADS:Β In 1979, Margaret Thatcher became the Prime Minister of UK and that era was one of the heights of shoulder pads. It was no longer about fashion, it became a symbol of status, something that felt like ‘power’ to women.


SUNGLASSES: They were first produced in 1929 by Sam Foster made from celluloid. He found his ready market on the beaches of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Sunglasses makes it impossible for any one in the opposite direction to see your eyes, that way giving the person behind the sunglasses an edge, an authority sort of. A kind of power.

This I call ‘fashion power’.


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