Effortlessly Gent|5 RULES TO LOOKING DAPPER 

Every non-fashionable man can relate how difficult it can get when trying to keep trends. I’m also very sure all women can relate to the struggle of having a man with a weak sense of fashion. It might be adorable at first but as time goes on, you might start wishing your man looked a little more Noble Igwe and a little less Yul Edochie. 

For the men who would want to dress up more, and the ones who would love to impress their significant other, believe it or not, you need a new wardrobe. You might want to ditch the fedora and baggy jeans.

Remember you can start small…

You can always tackle your look one shirt or watch at a time and you’d feel much more confident in your new clothes than before. BEAR IN MIND that the best place to start with is accessories, they can make immediate change in your appearance while you save up to get the rest. 

The 5 rules that should be settled in order to look dapper are:

  1. Delineate your casual wear; that is, push your idea of casual further than shorts and t-shirt. 
  2. Get a sharp haircut; find a good hairstylist and get yourself a sharp haircut. No excess parts or styling so it can fit any outfit.
  3. Understand the power of a tailored suits; go out there and find yourself a good tailor. The suits of 2/3 decades ago are not the same as what we see now so getting a tailor will give you the ability to decide what you want and how you want it.
  4. Don’t be lax about your footwear; get atleast two great pairs of work shoes like oxfords and monk straps which of course can be styled both casually and formally and found in several designs. If you haven’t already, I’d advice you go for black or brown oxfords. 
  5. No bare pockets; if you have observed carefully, there’s hardly no man you see in the streets wearing a suit with a pocket square. NEVER let bare your pockets. Have them in different colors and wear in different styles too. 

What are some ways you stay dapper? Let us know in the comment box below.

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