“Dress the way you wish to be addressed”

It is a really simple concept, but it will amaze you how little some people who live in this our modern day and time of heightened fashion awareness grasp it. Yes i know the idea of being stylish is relative, it doesn’t have a fixed form, but depends on personal preference. What i consider to be stylish might just end up being tacky to you. However, whether you are a lady or a gent, Β knowing the impression you want people to have of you should be one of the reasons why you ended up picking that outfit from the wardrobe.


As a young lady, you cant be expecting that you will be taken seriously if you are seen out on the street, in the early hours of the morning, wearing a skirt that barely covers your buttocks and an strapless top that reveals a little too much cleavage for decency. Certainly you will get the attention of every warm blooded man, I personally will turn and ogle for a couple of seconds. But then the truth is that you are getting all that attention for the wrong reasons.

A little too low-cut for decency, but what the heck, its Cossy so no wahala

Ladies, if you wish to be taken seriously, its only expected that you dress as such. Showing too much cleavage, putting on really skimpy or overly clingy dresses Β sometimes wont even get you passed the bouncer at the club where indecent dressing is looked upon with a wink and a lustfully approving smile. With too much exposed, you can easily be mistaken for a working girl, and i am sure being taken as such can be rather demeaning even for the working girls.trimmed_image4-6-2015-10-38-13

Same applies to the gents of course. The music video industry has had a profound influence on both male and female fashion, most especially for males. Skinny jeans are the trend now, way back in the 90s/ early 2000s baggy jeans were the thing for any guy who felt the need to look like the stars in the music videos. The prevailing trend that seems to have transcended both eras has been the “Pant sagging” phenomenon. As “funky-fresh” Β as it may be thought to look, seeing your boxers in full display is considered unsightly bro. It certainly doesn’t pass you off as a guy with repute or a gent, but an adolescent who is exorbitantly youthful.saggy-pants

There is no downside to dressing to the tune of the latest trends, be you a lady or a guy. By all means, be trendy if that works for you. However always keep it in mind that we live in a society that attaches a lot to how you look and perceives you largely to be what you wear. We would normally say that we don’t care what people think of us. However we as a species, living in the vain world we are placed in, constantly, whether consciously or subconsciously, seek approval or validation of our vanity, in one way or another, from our immediate environment. It is then right to say that a good impression is important, so put in work to make one. Perception is key, “Dress the way you wish to be addressed.”

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