“Diamonds in the rough”, Designers of tomorrow.(Second Edition)

Fashion, has become a culture in Africa. That is a known fact. The recognition that the continent has gained over the years in the world of fashion has grown exponentially, and as such its only expected that more and more Africans will venture into the industry, bringing with them their different skills, talents and creative minds. And with the very visible steps they have made, they have left foot prints in their wakes,guiding others to follow. We did mention in the previous edition of this very article, that we are dedicated to focusing the spotlight on the emerging “Designers of Tomorrow”, right? Well without further ado, we are glad to introduce you to another list of fashion brands that deserve recognition.

02 BY DADA APPAREL We kick off our second edition with this Dallas Texas base brand, founded in 2015 by Chris Dada Anekwe, the Creative Director. 02 By Dada is a contemporary Luxury label with an extremely creative approach to its designing process, combining traditional  African style designs with European fabrics. This label demonstrates its attuned attention to details and utilizes its acquired, artistic skills and abilities while designing, resulting in the inevitable outcome of cut-to-fit contemporary African wears, with impressive detailing and perfect finishing, that is guaranteed to deliver global standard acceptance in the world of fashion. Its a wonder that 02 By Dada was only founded a year ago and has achieved this much growth in its process. Imagine what it would morph into in years to come. 1ab6430a-6d4e-42a6-a1ad-4d1bfc82da653986046f-ef34-45a3-a18b-fda56c025665a354a3dc-a03b-40a6-8d98-a92749eaa61ac7618004-4fe5-4331-a9d1-cb6f51fbe15d0a9cbfdd-2ef1-4c8e-93dd-a1de223f5d62

JAXNWEARS: This next brand in our spotlight is a cross gender, contemporary label of repute. With its base in Lagos Nigeria, a city where delivery of excellence is the criteria for existence as a result of cut-throat competition, JaxnWears boasts of its ability to create “WOW” designs, suitable for everyone, no matter the depth of your pocket, fashion taste or preference. The quality of fabrics used has been known to define the sometimes blurry line between excellence and mediocrity, bringing to attention the brand’s vast knowledge of what is acceptable in the world of fashion, both locally and globally. JaxnWears, be it bespoke or ready-to-wear, provides excellence with every stitch for the dapper gents and glamorous ladies of the our modern day fashion world.5ace13cd-d5cd-455c-aa47-a51113ee41c856b4e5dd-eb29-4ff2-b3bf-5195db739c8079a7f6b1-7fb7-44b6-8be7-4c168b74f12ff45aeb33-6871-481b-9c44-720cd88a137e3bb0af42-8ada-47aa-9937-d8f9ebe5a6e9

NOONMOON CLOTHING: Establish about 7 years ago, this Accra, Ghana based brand is the third in our spotlight in this edition. Edem Tony Dzackah, the CEO and Creative Director, described his design process as having “rules but no limits, like i’m performing an experiment in a lab”. This flexible approach grants him the freedom and ability to tap inspiration from the fabrics he works with, resulting in undeniably unique outcomes. The uniqueness of his designs can be likened to seeing the moon at 12 noon,a sighting that can be said to be phenomenal, which inspired the name of the label “NOONMOON CLOTHING”.Through its 7 years, the brand has been said to have undergone some transformation, from being an African theme designed T-shirt brand, to a brand that has fully master the art of fusing African prints into Foreign fabrics, like denims and polished cottons. Noonmoon Clothing has without a hint of doubt, carved itself a niche and will ride all the way to the future of African fashion.



LABELISA&DOT: Another Lagos Nigeria based brand that has caught our attention, Labelisa&Dot is a female apparel brand that prides herself of creating exceptionally stylish attires with top notch quality and designs of all kinds, ranging from dinner gowns, to corporate wears, to casuals, tradition attires and everything in between, crafted specifically to accentuate the female body in all its magnificence. One of Labelisa&Dot‘s goals as a female fashion brand is to provide the modern day woman with the tools needed to create a colourful and elegant identity. As a teenager,Elizabeth Ekim the Creative director, always had a keen eye and interest in fashion, was known to have partaken in fashion parades back in her high school days and was in charge of the wardrobe and how the pieces were worn for uniquely different looks on the runway. Her passion for fashion led her on the path towards being the fashion designer she is today. Labelisa&Dot, Lisa’s Label, “Designs on tour” is certainly in the forefront of the match towards Fashion elitism. We said it.



DAHANS COUTURE: This brand, based yet again in the competitive city of Lagos Nigeria has also come to our attention. Dahans Couture is a label that is renowned for its ever growing desire to create and deliver with meticulous attention to quality, African traditional attires stylishly blended with modern day fashion trends. To achieve this Dahans Couture uses the choicest fabrics ranging from Brocade,  Silk, Lace, Taffeta, Chiffon, Lycra, and the popular Atiku lace, to name a few. The unbeatable creativity applied in the label’s design process results in nothing short of excellence. Ahanonu Ikenna, the CEO and Creative director of Dahans Couture, with his keen eye for fashion, is a man of style and taste, and applies this with every stitch, to every design. We can say without a doubt again that this brand has got what it takes to become a brand of note, a key player and certainly a “Designer of tomorrow”.



Ahanonu Ikenna, the CEO of Dahanc Couture

These labels are but a few of the brilliantly creative fashion brands out there today. If you haven’t heard of them before, you just did. With the state of things at the moment, i think every African, both at home or in diaspora should be proud of his or her origin when it comes to fashion, because the industry is making statements and pushing boundaries. In no distant time, the African fashion industry will be a force to be reckoned with, thanks to the ingenuity of these “Diamonds in the rough” and those before them. Big ups to them as they pave the way or those yet to come.

NOTE: Hyperlinks that are redirected to the Instagram accounts of the different designers mentioned are underlined, so feel free to click and follow.


5 thoughts on ““Diamonds in the rough”, Designers of tomorrow.(Second Edition)

  1. 02 by Dada is d best nd will continue 2 take dat lead. A brand designer who design’s 4 d passion he has 4 fassion nd not just d money.
    Good customer service -100%
    02 by DADA💪💪👍👍

    1. Yes indeed, 02 By Dada is without a doubt ready to take on the world of fashion. We are glad to know you have had first-hand experience with the brand. Thanks for your input.

  2. O2 by Dada has been my afriture designer for couple of months now and its doing a great job.
    I’m a proud O2 design customer. Right on for greater heights bros.

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