Colored Wedding Dresses

When the  term “wedding dress” is mentioned, the color white comes to mind, doesn’t it? Well, i guess my mind is wired differently. Black happens to be my go-to color for a wedding dress.

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Color me weird, yes, go ahead.  Anyway I’m not now going talk about the concept of a black wedding dress now. This is about a colored wedding dress.

Gold dress
Champagne Gold Wedding Dress

A friend of mine went through my post about black wedding dresses and she said “…well, I think I’m comfortable with this. Although, my dress would be a colored dress not white. No!”

It really doesn’t matter what color the dress is. The end point is that I’m walking down the aisle with someone whom I intend to spend the rest of my life with. Isn’t that what our parents always want?

Blue dress
Royal Blue Wedding Dress

Who wouldn’t see this blue dress and love it? This is royalty, this is magnificent and beautiful. A blue wedding dress of this sort tells stories and tales of love.

Yellow wedding dress inspiration

I’m no fan of yellow but am I the only one that sees beauty in this? Really guys, this is a matter of choice. If the bride wants a colored dress and her groom is cool with that, I see no issue there. For real!

Red Wedding Dress
Burgundy Wedding Dress
Green Wedding Dress
Sky Blue Wedding Dress


Pink wedding dress
Peach Wedding Dress

Maybe it has happened in Africa, that a bride would wear a colored dress but I haven’t seen. It isn’t a taboo but our African parents make it look like it is. Wedding dresses except white should be seen as normal, parents should allow children make their choices of dresses. As you can see from the above photos, there’s no doubt that these colored dresses are actually beautiful.

What do you think? Drop your opinions as well.

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