Okay, so we all in the media world are familiar with the playful saying , that goes; ‘it’s ugly until rihanna says it’s not‘. Well, it is low-key true because this Parisian style became trendy when Rihanna was spotted in it late 2017, that was when we knew that berets were going on trend this year. The Parisian style is something of a controversial fashion … Continue reading THE BERET TREND


Today, suits are becoming more and more popular with women than men. However, the suit is not just for the office, at least not to the fashionista. The suit is a piece you can wear just about anywhere. Here are some ideas of how to suit up for the street style. PICK A BOLD COLOR – colors like black, brown, dark grey, navy blue are … Continue reading SUIT UP FOR THE STREET STYLE

THE MAN|Spicy Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a key piece for every man’s wardrobe and personally I think it’s a must have for everyone not just a man. It is a bold and exciting piece that in one way or another tends to give your outfit a sparkling spice. The leather jacket is classic and timeless; no doubt it will always be in fashion. Leather jackets are perfect … Continue reading THE MAN|Spicy Leather Jacket

Ankara styles you need in closets right about now|Men and Women Vol. 1

The concept of dressing classy without spending money for both sexes, male and female almost seems like an impossible task right about now, but in truth, dressing classy under a budget is entirely actionable. A classy sense of style is timeless but how do you go about achieving this look? The answer you’ve been searching for is very much at your disposal, literally right in … Continue reading Ankara styles you need in closets right about now|Men and Women Vol. 1


It may be a twinkle of an eye to overhaul an entire closet with a six figure salary and a stylist on speed dial, but the question for many of us is how do you go making changes if your bank account is more fruit juice than champagne? Whether you feel the urge to smarten up or you are just fed up with being asked … Continue reading 5 WAYS TO REITERATE YOUR STYLE ON A BUDGET

Developing a Capsule Wardrobe

Being overwhelmed by a chaotic closet is a common problem. Yes sweetie, don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you, a lot of people constantly battle that problem too. If you one of such people or you just curious about the benefits of dressing with less or just trying to simplify your wardrobe, kick back with a glass of wine or a cup of zobo, … Continue reading Developing a Capsule Wardrobe

SHOPPING TIPS|How to avoid a bad buy day

Well, well, well, who hasn’t has a bad shopping day? Raise your hands so we can identify you? Just kidding though. I am the ‘queen of bad buy days’. Like i feel it’s impossible for me to come home , after having high expectations before shopping, only to check my purchases and exclaim ‘what the heck was i thinking!?’ Or ‘why did i get this!?’ Or … Continue reading SHOPPING TIPS|How to avoid a bad buy day

5 ways to always look good while wearing light and airy clothes. 

Hmmm, i hate, hate, hate heat. I pretty much have to be mentally and physically prepared to experience a hot weather. But in this part of the continent Africa, where our weather is unpredictable, we should always brace ourselves for whatever the climate throws our way. The feeling of being uncomfortable and sweaty can actually be avoided.  So i have decided to help out by … Continue reading 5 ways to always look good while wearing light and airy clothes. 


I really don’t know what’s happening to this generation but recently there have been this pyjamas vogue where some people decide to street style their pyjamas during the day. Designers like Coco Chanel and Gucci have as well been making sales on them and trust me this trend is set to stick around.  I woke up one morning and wore a pair of yellow silk pyjama … Continue reading PYJAMAS VOGUE


Versatility. Blazers are awesome and they are a MUST HAVE for every man because they are so versatile. Whether casual or formal, blazers can be the perfect addition to almost any outfit to really pull a look together. Now, here are some tips to look amazing in blazer. WITH PLAID SHIRTS Plaids are more wearable button ups for just about any occasion. This makes them … Continue reading MEN|BLAZING HOT


Sometime ago, I published a post on the first edition of THE STREETS OF ANKARA. The Streets of Ankara is a periodic article where we get to feature some of our favorite street wears from a time period with reasons why we love them. In no particular order, here are another Kayoja Top 5 favorites Ankara street wears. Our very own Omoni Oboli never gives … Continue reading TOP 5|THE STREETS OF ANKARA (SECOND EDITION)

Know Monotone, No Boredom!

While it doesn’t require cracking your head over mix and match ‘wahala’, dressing in monotone does require an effort to get it right. Monotone tout-ensemble can turn out terrible if wrongly done.Wearing same color full length can be boring if you dont know the cheats. So here’s how to rock monotone the KAYOJA way! KNOW THE BASICS Pick a color that compliments your skin; for … Continue reading Know Monotone, No Boredom!


If you’re on a budget, one advice is to buy off-the-rack suits in the best fit you can get, and then take them to your tailor for custom adjustments. But if you’re really going to get any benefit out of having your suits adjusted, you need to know a little bit about tailors and the kinds of adjustments they can (and can’t) make. You also need … Continue reading SUIT WITH THE PERFECT FIT


Whether you blame it on the fascination of being antiquated ’90s or the tiresome wearing of skintight jeans, the ‘mom jeans‘ are back in trend and there’s no looking back. The purposefully denim has found it’s own uniqueness and style. During the summer,one gets to see most African fashionistas or our favorite Hollywood faces on this trend. Personally, I love to rock this type of … Continue reading HOW TO LOOK GOOD IN MOM JEANS


Most people don’t like accessories much and sometimes it is a case of mere necessities: a wrist watch “so we are not late” and a bag “so we don’t load our pockets too much“. Unless you are one who enjoys squinting at the sun, sunglasses fit well and into fashion essentials. A nice pair of shades not only protects your eyes, they can also be … Continue reading A SHORTCUT TO LOOKING SPECtacular

FOR THE LADIES|7 tips on how to style your boot-cut pants

Make your pants look more professional with a top and fitted blazer. You sure do not want to look underdressed for that seminar or business meting so keep it soft, yet classy and like a boss.   Keep it casual and smart with a beautiful pair of ripped denim, a tee, some jewelries, and a hat if you like. This way you’ll sure look smart … Continue reading FOR THE LADIES|7 tips on how to style your boot-cut pants