KOCHHOUSE | The Year of the Gentleman.

When it comes to fashion for the discerning gentleman, the Nigerian brand that should come to mind is Kochhouse. This brand has over the past couple of years, built and by every right, earned their reputation from crafting classy, contemporary and street styles outfits, which upholds and reflects the styles of a true debonair gentleman. The brand was officially founded in 2012 by Nonye Nkwocha, … Continue reading KOCHHOUSE | The Year of the Gentleman.

David Lucas wearing Eljargo courture

Eljargo Couture|The Kings Collection

From Abuja, the beautiful capital city of Nigeria, generally known for its opulent and luxurious standards of living, where nothing short of class and excellence in every strata of a modern society, especially fashion, is expected by its upper echelon demographic, emerges this Premium, luxury clothing brand; Eljargo Couture. The CEO and founder of Eljargo Couture, a serial entrepreneur by all standards, with some experience … Continue reading Eljargo Couture|The Kings Collection

SHIRT FREAK by Philip Ojire

When you think of luxury shirt brands, names like Tom ford, T.M Lewin and Ermenegildo Zegna comes to mind, right? Well allow me to add one more name to that list. Shirt Freak is a luxury shirt brand, one of the best to originate from Nigeria. Founded and launched officially on the 7th of February 2017, barely a year ago, by serial entrepreneur Philip Ojire, … Continue reading SHIRT FREAK by Philip Ojire


The culture, evolution and history of the African Woman is related to the evolution and history of the African Continent itself. An African Woman is strong, patient, understanding, and above all she is ‘INTREPID’. In one of the previous Premium Features, the premium, contemporary female fashion brand TASH_by TASHA GODWIN  introduced her maiden collection ‘Ixora‘ to the world. Click to Read : Tash_bytashagodwin’s Ixora It has … Continue reading TASH_BY TASHA GODWIN|INTREPID


African fashion; an ever growing, ever evolving industry with the potential of taking over the world of fashion . Its growth parallels the number of African fashion brands that emerge everyday, diligently contributing their quota, there by growing the industry from  leaps to bounds. One of such brands is Tash_byTashaGodwin. Natasha Godwin , the CEO and creative director of this Lagos based, currently female label,  has … Continue reading LookBook|Tash_byTashaGodwin

THE BUSH MAN| A St. Morgan collection

Simi Siwoku, the owner of the luxury brand, African designer label St. Morgan, comes out with this interestingly creative collection called “BUSH MAN”. When we hear the words “Bush man”, it instinctively reminds us of the tribes of the San, Khwe and Basarwa people found in the Kalahari desert in Botswana and in Namibia and South Africa. Secluded from civilization, these tribes thrive in a society where the … Continue reading THE BUSH MAN| A St. Morgan collection