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Of all the strange outcomes of menswear’s recent fashionable pieces, the ones that have refused to go and even pretty much broke some major rules as to how they are worn, are the Side-Striped pants. The most pleasing has been the cross-pollination between styles that never used to speak to each other.

The side-strip joggers or pants used to belong to the family of sweat shirts and pants, now every where you turn, there’s a man styled in side-striped pants with a shirt and nice shoes on his way to work, and then you turn and find the bastard child of sweatpants and a tuxedo; It’s the logical extension of luxury joggers, this decade’s most illogical trend.

Side strips

Side stripped pants

The best thing about side-striped trousers is that, because they draw from the pitch and the parade ground, they work in all manner of ways. If you can bridge the gap between tailoring and sports, then you’re good to go. When styling, always go for an opposing layer.

Side striped pants

The trousers should be a focal part of your look. If you’re going for a very minimal, thin stripe, use the trousers to make a statement and pair with wardrobe staples like a grandad-collar shirt. That way, you won’t look like you’re coming from the gym. For maximum versatility, you need to nail the right combo of form, fit and fabric. Cozier, weightier materials like wool or denim give the right drape but without shimmer, so you don’t veer into evening wear. And avoid anything extraneous like pleats or patterns. You want to ensure the stripe is the boldest part. Think combos like navy with a red stripe or black with white.


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