Couple of weeks back, we published a post we titled  ANKARA|MEN AND STYLES and promised a follow up post for the ladies, remember? Well here it is: ANKARA|WOMEN and STYLES.

When it comes to women’s fashion, just don’t say a word. The beauty of these prints and the creativity put into designing some really jaw dropping outfits would keep you wowed always. In recent times, at events like weddings, burials as well as birthdays, so many styles and designs can be seen, so much so that you would wish you were your own tailor. Here are some mind blowing designs that would keep you running to your tailors shop every other day.

Gowns can be made out of these prints.When making a long gown, it can be free or fitted, the choice is yours.

Lilac ankara gown on a silver heeled sandals with a red purse.

Black lace gown with a green gele.

When making a short gown too, it can either be free or fitted. It can be worn with a sandals, heels or sneakers.

Short ankara gown on white sneakers.

The Skirt and blouse is another common style that is worn mostly by our advanced women and the younger girls too. The skirt can be made in different patterns;either short or long pieces.

kayoja ankara ans women
Well tailored green skirt and blouse on a yellow heeled sandals.

Jumpsuits in ankara prints has taken a stand in the recent fashion world. Styles we considered to be exclusive to English wears now appear stunning in our beautiful African print. Here are some gorgeous styles;

Gray with pink print ankara in a jumpsuit style.
A palazzo legged jumpsuit in ankara prints.

Shorts are easy jaw dropping wears. One tends to feel free in them when worn and there is this uniqueness when worn on its owner especially if it’s a curvy person. It’s a style where your show off those beautiful legs on those killer pumps or heeled boots.

Ankara blouse and shorts with an ash pump.
A cropped blouse and shorts.
Peplum top on shorts.

Swimsuits(bikini) are not left out too. You can practically get dazzling designs from ankara prints that can be slayed through our day in and day out beach timeouts, making you feel comfy and sexy all summer long. There’s no swimsuit design that can’t be made out of ankara prints. It can be customized to your satisfaction depending on your choice of fashion.

In conclusion, its evident that anything can be made with ANKARA. Its a wrap on our ankara fashion and styles. Hope you found this series Informative as well as entertaining. Read up on: KAYOJA ORIGINS|ANKARA, ITS HISTORY AND JOURNEY and get an insight on the history of Africa’s most beloved fabric.

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