ANKARA, the African print is  well known for its  popularity and it’s affordability.It was also known to be a favorite among the local market women.  In this recent times, our Nigerian celebrities, both home and abroad tend to be fascinated with these beautiful prints. Both men and women who were never thought to go for ankara are now seen stepping into the fashion scene, dressed in stylish, beautifully crafted ankara inspired outfits, made by our creative designers and fashion brands.

Ankara prints now come in different grades and qualities, and a certain collection of manufacturers of these prints are known to deliver top notch quality fabrics. Names like High target , Da viva, Nigerian wax, superprint …the list goes on. To get the best result out of your ankara inspired design, the quality of fabric should be put into consideration, as well as the nature of the prints on the fabric.

One of the beauties of the ankara fabric is that it comes in a variety of designs and motifs that shows off beauty and uniqueness in each print. This beauty and uniqueness in the the hands of our creative designers these days, results in the innovative designs and amazing ankara inspired outfits we get to see in the African fashion world these days.

SUITS AND BLAZERS: are known with formal occasions but the consequences of Ankara suits is that it’s never fit to be worn to formal gatherings. It can be worn to dinner parties, birthday parties or fashion shows.

ankara suits
Ankara red suit with red portfolio.
Uti Nwachukwu in an Ankara suit
Uti Nwachukwu in an Ankara suit on the AMVCA red carpet.

SHIRTS: Ankara shirt appears to be casual that the normal shirt. Most people who don’t fancy native attires often prefer to have their Ankara on a more western design.

A denim shirt with embedded Ankara prints.
Ankara printed sleeve shirt

BUBA AND SOKOTO: This is a native attire which was originally worn by the Yorubas. Most of our Ankara print can be made into this attire.

Ankara prints in buba and sokoto
Richard Mofe Damijo RMD
Richard Mofe Damijo in an ankara embellished agbada
Plain prints in buba and sokoto

One of the benefits of Ankara prints is it’s dynamic usage. Ankara can be mixed with plain materials of any type, as some Ankara are sold in “plain and pattern” form. They can be beautifully and neatly put together by a creative designer.

Jidenna rocking ankara prints, cute yeah?

Well there you have it. Hopefully, in this post I have been able to aid you in your choices of Ankara prints to wear and also inspired you with some well make with your favourite Ankara prints. In my next post I will be writing on ANKARA|WOMEN and STYLES .

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