Ankara headwraps

So the sun is up, brightening the morning sky, with no clouds threateningly looming over us. A beautiful weather, beautiful enough to flaunt our headwraps, right?Β  To be specific- Ankara headwraps. We love a good ankara scarf because they don’t only come in good fabrics and texture but as a plus; in fascinating colours that looks exciting and fascinating.

What makes the ankara fabric thick is not because it is mostly worn by Africans; No! Even we wouldn’t have found it wearable if we didn’t take note of its dynamic properties. The representation of our continent Africa, can be found on every stroke of the print. Pardon me if you find this offensive ‘we are head over heels’ for it. So therefore, we use the fabric for all kinds of piece; earrings, necklaces, clothing and whatever you may think of fashionably, the headwrap is one of those fabulous pieces.20180415_201427.jpg

The Ankara headwraps shouldn’t be limited to bad hair days only. It should be showcased when you want to feel earthly or creative and when you feel the urge to represent the culture.



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