And then…our first post!!!


Well it eventually came to this, we decided to launch Kayoja’s blog before the actual site. It wasn’t exactly what we had planned, or probably hoped for but, as they say ” life is what happens when you are busy making plans. So its fair to say that life has prompted Kayoja to launch earlier than it was scheduled to and on an entirely different platform. But hey, it has launched all the same since you are reading this now hasn’t it?

Its an entirely new experience for us,this whole blogging thing so we are basically just going to be winging it as we go. It will certainly reek of inexperience and probably lack professionalism but what to do? “Life in itself is a work in progress” so as we work through the process of progress, bear with us and don’t hesitate to knock sense into our heads if you see us start to loose it, also give us that pat on the back too when we have done a good job, we need it, for our fragile ego.

That said, we can call this our first post. As lame as it may be, it is what it is. You can bet that it will get better as time passes and we will be together through the bumpy yet promisingly fun ride. Catch you in my next post. Cheers!!

Chukwuemeka, Ugbah

Author: Emeka Ugbah

First of all, thanks for visiting our blog. I am the founder and chief editor of this humble establishment, setup with the sole aim of promoting African fashion. Here at Kayoja Nigeria, we are proud of what we do and are open to learning as that's something we as humans should strive to always do. So by all means, leave us comments or constructive criticism whenever necessary. We hope you have enjoyed every second spent browsing through our posts and also found some tips or at least some aspects of content to be beneficial to you. Thanks for dropping by and by all means subscribe to be the first to receive our post via email. Catch you on the next post.

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