ALLEON| A fashion brand mit einem Unterschied( with a difference)

When it comes to fashion brands, African fashion brands to be exact, there is an increasingly large number of labels that are building names for themselves in the industry. These African fashion labels, both based within and outside the shores of Africa, Β driven with the sheer love for what the do and represent, and the hunger to make a difference, are making an obviously conscious effort to bring their names and brands out for the world to see. One of such labels is Alleon.

Based in Cologne, the forth largest city in Germany, Alleon, a brand that specializes in female outfits, Β has one mission:

“…to make use of unique century-old African print garment tradition and introduce them, redesigned to the modern world”

And they have more than managed exceptionally to achieve that.Β 004_2-kopie

This brand’s imaginatively creative use of African prints, popularly known as Ankara, goes beyond garment making. They have also masterfully incorporated this creativity into their foot wears,(yes, Alleon also makes foot wears too, for both males and females) staying in tune with the increasingly popular trend of shoes embellished with African prints._mg_1775

Alleon’s design approach, which exhibits the richness and beauty of the African culture, expressed through the use of fabrics with vibrant colours, is something that sets them on aΒ pedestal on which they are now.

A lot of can be said about what makes Alleon an exceptional fashion brand, but pictures would do a better job so here goes…



28279 BREMEN
Phone No.: +49 421 56 5000 35
Instagram handle: @alleoncologne

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