African Street Style Challenge|All You Need To Know.

If you are just hearing about the upcoming Instagram challenge that we are hosting, don’t fret, its not too late to join in. As a matter of fact, if you just stumbled upon this post, then you are right on time.


It is tagged theΒ African Street Style Challenge and anyone, I mean anyone can actually participate in the challenge. The first thing you need is an Instagram account. Then there is a prerequisite expected of intending participants; you have to be following us on Instagram at @kayojanigeria as well as our partners Africana Couture at @africanacouture and De Base Salon at . So if you aren’t following these accounts already, it is highly recommended that you do so now by either clicking the handles above or copying and visiting the pages on your Instagram app.

Now that we have all that out of the way, here’s all you need to know about the challenge:

As the tag states “African Street Style Challenge”, participants are required to get all dressed up in any African inspired outfit of their choosing. By the term “African inspired” we don’t mean it has to be buba and iro or agbada nor dashiki. Basically any outfit that has some African factor about it, be it the fabric or the style of the outfit, it just has to reflect the African spirit and you have to absolutely slay in it.


Now after getting dressed up, the participants are required to hit the streets and take amazing pictures of themselves in those outfits. By “the streets”, we don’t mean in front of your house or at the backyard either. We mean the streets. Anywhere; at the market, by that shop in front of your house, along the road, by that uncompleted building near your girlfriend/boyfriend’s or is it your area crush’s house? Basically anywhere you can take good pictures in, anywhere other than inside your home or around it.


After taking those awesome pictures, select the best out of them, post on Instagram using the hashtag #AfricanStreetStyleChallenge, tag us, as well as our partners Africana Couture and De Base Salon. Posts that meets all the earlier mentioned requirements will be reposted on our page and then all the participants are afterwards required to invite their friends and followers to follow all the pages (ours and that of our partners) and then like and comment on their post on our page. At the end of a given period, the post with the highest number of likes and comments will be declared the winner. So you see, it is more than just important to get your friends and followers to go like and comment on your picture.


The Prize
The winner will be going away with a bunch of cool prizes. Firstly a hair clipper (if its male winner) and a hand-held hair dryer(if its a female winner) from De Base Salon based in Benin City, an outfit from Africana Couture, a fashion brand based in Abuja, the Capital city of Nigeria and One Hundred Thousand Naira! Yes, one hundred Thousand Naira. Not a life changing figure but certainly a fair enough addition to the wallet though, yes?

So guys, start taking those amazing street pictures, in those beautiful African inspired attires and start posting, lets have fun with this and make a little money while we are at it.

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