Most people don’t like accessories much and sometimes it is a case of mere necessities: a wrist watch “so we are not late” and a bag “so we don’t load our pockets too much“. Unless you are one who enjoys squinting at the sun, sunglasses fit well and into fashion essentials.

A nice pair of shades not only protects your eyes, they can also be used to hide a multitude of sins (like hangovers), they finish off an outfit, or create a great style statement. So finding a pair that is just right is extremely rewarding. Of course, this entails getting the right pairs for different face shapes and knowing which styles suit each.

Square Face Shape

squareThe general rule is that the shape of your sunglasses should be opposite to the shape of your face. This helps to soften harsh features or create definition as such developing evenness. A strong jaw line and wide cheekbones add up to a square face. As such rounded frames such as aviators and John Lennon styles look better than angular designs with sharp lines.

Round frames, aviators, club-masters fit square faces more.


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Round Face Shape

round.jpgUsing the same rule of choosing a frame in an opposite shape to the face, people with round faces should choose sunglasses that create much definition.To make your cheeks appear slimmer, choose a style with a strong brow line in a size that is slightly wider than the head itself. Cat-eye glasses(for ladies) will also help to elongate your face.

Wayfarers, square frames, clubmasters will look great on round faces.


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Oval Face Shape

Oval Face Shape - MenPretty much any available frame fits well on oval faces but try not to look too smug.

The only advice for oval face shapes (aside from avoiding novelty styles) is to sidestep frames with arms that hang too low, as this will make the face look long.

 Almost any style of sunglasses goes.


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Rectangular Face Shapes

Rectangle/Oblong Face Shape - MenTo balance a rectangular face, seek out glasses that add width to the long shape. Round or square frames look good here, but make sure you go for larger, better still oversized styles.

Wayfarers. D-frames, and clubmasters are a good option.


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Heart Face Shape

heartfaced.jpgA heart shape is one of the most difficult faces to frame because a narrow chin is countered by a wider forehead, it’s important not to add extra weight to the top half of the face and as such angular, oversized and aviator glasses are not advisable. Not an easy task when that’s where glasses sit. For that reason, opt for Clubmasters, which are semi-rimmed, or other rounded styles that add some curve appeal to a pointed chin.

Clubmasters and round frames are good choices.


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I’m sure you would be able to choose a SPECtacular style for your face shape any day, anytime. In my next post I will be giving a few tips on how to carefully maintain your glasses.

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