A LOOKBOOK OF SUNGLASSES|See the most famous shades right now and others you might want to try out.

So, it’s sunny and dusty on the streets and most sunglasses these days, though made for fashion purposes, we find that the real purpose is to ‘shade’ the eyes from dust and sunrays.

Sunglasses are always in season, they never go out of fashion. And this season, the designers are set to bedazzle all. From Gucci, to Dolce and Gabanna, Fendi, Prada etc. , the sizes, the glitz , the embellishment and of course the glam is so on point. Most popular at this time are the D&G and Gucci branded sunglasses most celebrities are spotted wearing.

This post will show you the trending pieces as well as other shades you might want to try out because they are stylish and adds glam to your look for the day. But first, lets take a look at the celebrities that have rocked the Dolce and Gabanna (D&G) sunshade.

Dolce and Gabanna [D&G]

Rihanna was spotted on Instagram with the oversized rhinestoned Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses from their spring year 2018 collection which was shaped in the brand’s initials. She used the hashtag #stunna as a means to promote her new lip line and while viewers enjoyed the look of her red luscious lips, they just couldn’t get enough the sunglasses.

And then again, there’s Nigeria’s Toke Makinwa who was spotted in the comfort of her home as she takes a selfie.


However, when you are over the initial eyewear fever but then still want something from the runway, this Gucci rhinestoned sunshades is the ‘koko‘. It has your name written all over it. Nigerian IMG model , Imade Ogbewi trotted down the runway in this gorgeousness.

And then again, there is the ever stunning rihanna…



Other options

We don’t have the right to tell you to get from these mentioned designers above alone but we can advise to try out other sunglasses. We have few options you can pick from that will guarantee you glam up perfectly. Check them out.

Now let’s get glammed. Cheers!!!

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