Hey fashionistas! So the Easter celebration this year is scheduled for 1st of April, 2018; also April fools day. We know you’ll want to surprise your loved ones this time either with a little game for the April fools prank followed by the lovely present or nothing; i think i will root for the gifts part.

In this part of the world, consuming a large nauseating amount of chocolate(likely low quality and inexplicably white in some areas) and eating chicken and rice or pounded yam with some of our local exotic soup is very common during the Easter celebration. So we have decided that instead of the regular classic egg, why don’t we try a chocolate-free presents to see how they go down? Of course, you know that by chocolate-free presents, we mean presents that are durable (i.e that cannot be eaten). Why spend all that money on edibles, when you can get yourself a nice pair of sneakers or get your spouse a nice decent wrist watch for about the same amount?

A lot of time has elapsed since the Christmas and New year celebrations and you’re probably stuck with thinking of something you could have bought for your family, friends and loved ones, but couldn’t make up your mind before the holidays were over, so we have rounded up the cutest fashion gift items (for all budgets) that can be bought; if you are stuck for ideas.

1. Revlon lip gift set

This coordinated gift set gets her ready for love with them stunning lips. Choosing the perfect look from passionate red to romantic nude. This gift set contains two super lustrous tm lipstick (love that red & nude attitude), two super lustrous tm lip gloss (fatal apple & snow pink) and two colourstay tm lip liner (red &nude) all in a beautiful red cosmetic bag perfect for gifting.

2. Calvin Klein man for men

A 4 piece gift set including; Eau de toilette spray 3.4oz , after shave balm 3.4oz, hair and body wash 3.4oz , deodorant alcohol-free stick 2.6oz. Perfect for a wonderful fragrance so he smells nice when he steps out.

3. Kate spade alphabet pendent necklace

This doesn’t require too much to be said about it. Personalised gifts are always appreciated. Very simple and elegant.

4. Guess watch set

This perfect set comes with a bracelet strap watch and two extra, interchangeable leather straps of different colours. With this, she can switch the straps to match her outfits. The straps of different colours inevitably means she has three wristwatches. How neat is that, yeah?

5. BCBG snake perforated metal clutch

This gorgeous clutch is a fantastic addition to any woman’s collection of handbags, we recommend that you give this gift to your wife, girlfriend or mother with a heartfelt promise to take her out, so she can show off her new clutch.

6. D.I.Y Gift basket for him and the guys

This is a homemade basket of manly gifts for him. Obviously, it’s Easter and he will definitely have the guys over. We strongly recommend a few bottles of whatever their poison is; liquor, beer, vodka should be included. You know your man and his needs, so the d.i.y basket shouldn’t be a biggie.

Now have a wonderful Easter celebration with love.


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