7 trendy shorts for men in 2017

Shorts are awesome! One of the most comfortable piece of clothing to ever be worn by man. If you ask me, they are a good enough reason to get excited when the weather is warm. Though most men do not fancy wearing shorts whether it is burning hot or frigging cold. They are loyal to their pairs of trousers lol. Well, these 7 fancy shorts caught our attention in the year 2017, so we thought to bring them to your notice as well. Who knows, you might start fancying shorts afterwards, that’s if you don’t already. So… here goes:

1. The staple gym shorts

Thom browne striped loopback sweat shorts.

There might be one in your closet right now that you are probably ignoring. Gray sweat shorts are an old-school workout pair that still deserves a space in your bachelor life. Nothing can beat this old-school classics. Not only do they have a long history of scrappy looks, there are also the most honest way of showing off all your hard work at the gym. The only way to style them beautifully is with your muscles. I think they are also the most comfortable to be in while watching Netflix than in your overly-tight, fashionable workout clothes.

2. Well fitted swimming trunks

Vilebrequin shorts as seen on Leonardo DiCaprio

Like his rich-guy tailoring, Leonardo DiCaprio’s swimsuit is neither sad nor basic. And well, the guy looks hot compared to his usually cargos. Apparently, this is the best i have seen him on, outside the red carpet looks; which he kills by the way, lol. The navy trunk comes from french bathing-suit Aficionados Vilebrequin, the go-to for famous men who need guidance in the grown-man-by-the-pool arena. The suit usually has sea-worthy or water-friendly animals prints. Well, the thing about bathing suits that really matters is that it fits. You can hardly tell if DiCaprio is working out more often or if his trunks are just that good. Lol. It is stylish and flattering. (by the way, those are two words that have never been used to describe DiCaprio).

3. Chinos shorts.

RVCA weekend shorts

Since shorts are getting longer in the men’s wear world, i recommend that this chinos shorts are a must have in every man’s wardrobe. When it is hot, what you need to be leaving in, outside of working hours, is a pair of shorts. After all , it might be time to let loose on all the masculinity on those legs and show off their complexion. These chinos will spice up your summer look; to look good and feel cool.

4. The below-knees short.

The Tomlinson’s long shorts

When i think “shorts”, i sincerely think they should all be above knee level, till i met this pair of awesomeness. lol. As these unlikely bad-fashion-turned- real-fashion trends often do, the longer short trends started with Shia Labeouf when he was spotted on the sloppy jean cutoffs and frank ocean; our lowkey style hero, who wore a pair of below the knee Dickies cargo shorts while performing at the Paranorma music festival. Together, frank and Shia have made us conclude that, when it comes to the fit of your shorts, perhaps it’s time for you to relax a little bit.

5. Hiking short

Patagonia’s hiking shorts.


Well, cargo shorts are one of the most contentious items in a modern man’s wardrobe, and they are mostly gotten wrong. It’s either they are over-sized or overlong. But in recent years they’ve been updated to slimmer and shorter versions and i think they look great now. If you aren’t down with the whole side pocket vibe, a pair of hiking shorts delivers on the same utilitarian level without all the added bulk. With an elastic waist fastened by a simple black buckle in most cases, hiking shorts can be just as comfortable as you regular gym shorts.

6. Jean shorts (a.k.a Jorts)

Kevin hart spotted in a pair of frayed jorts topped with a rainbow tank top and a pair of aviation shades.

These are the most difficult type of shorts to pull off but yes, they can be worn only if you follow the rules. For example, Kevin Kart broke nearly every rule by piling too many signifiers. Jorts are a high risk level style – one that deserves lots of skepticism- so they cannot be worn with other risky clothing item. As a matter of fact, jorts should only be worn with your minimal menswear staples- think a plain white t-shirt, a pair of black or white shoes and a classic pair of RayBans. I have put together some friendly rules to help you navigate the murky waters of denim cutoffs:

  • Out of office: Never wear jorts or any shorts to the office, ever! Regardless of the dress code, if you work in an office leave the shorts for the house.
  • Trim the fringe: Kevin Hart’s jorts are frayed up to the extent of looking unsanitary. Keep the threads in check.
  • One swerve at a time, please.
  • The length is the key.

7. Drawstring shorts

Prada spring 2017

Forget cargos, your jorts or even your khakis, because when the warm weather rolls around the spring and summer. The shorts you want to be wearing comes with a drawstring, and in this season’s boldest prints and patterns. Staying comfortable when it’s hot out is imperative especially when running some errands and when outdoor trekking is in your itinerary. The drawstring-easygoing-boxer-style shorts are printed in interesting colours and patterns landing, at the flattering spot between the kneecap and the thigh. They’re sharp and supremely comfortable at any time. Miuccia Prada showed them off in a sporty and futurist context on the runway, but you can wear them for off-the-clock drinks with a tucked-in shirt and polished brogues. As a bonus, if you aren’t one of those guys who tends to skip out on leg day at gym, and if you have got some Shia LaBeouf like thigh tattoos, just low enough to poke through, the drawstring shorts are for you. By the way, you still need to wear underwears and no, not boxers.

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