When its concerns fashion, there are certain rules we have to follow in every place, time and occasion. Just like how we often consult our girlfriends to help us plan our outfits for an upcoming party, we also need help when it comes to the clothes we wear on a workday. For many women, business casual is one of the most challenging fashion style to master. On one angle, you don’t want to look “too professional” and on the other, you don’t want to look so laid back so you don’t end up being tagged as one of the slackers. Not so good for job performance.

Here, we’ll be helping you take a fun spin on the business casual outfit. Whether you want to look more polished or relaxed for work or perhaps somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered. The following are our top picks for the best go-to casual outfits when you don’t know what to wear to work;

1. Bringing back femininity with polka dot skirts.

Just because men dominate the workplace doesn’t mean you should dress like one. Forget pants and slacks that hide your beautiful legs and embrace your feminine side with this adorable blazer and polka dot skirt ensemble.

Yes, we all know that polka skirts are the classic girly attire, but if you replace the colors with dark blues and stripy black, it can turn out to be one of the coolest casual outfits for work. Don’t forget to complete your look with a matching neutral coloured purse.

2. Look famous with this dress under blazer piece.

Business casual can be more interesting when you try to dress like your favourite celebrity to work. Think Rihanna. For that rich and famous look, downplay a formal dress under a random casual gray blazer. Style with appropriate accessories and do not forget creativity is the way to go, just like your best Hollywood idol. You can add some saucy shades, boots and a shiny handbag to complete the look.

And by the way, you can totally get away with anything while in this look (except for slacking in the office of course)

3. Perfect shoe game.

All ye wonder woman out there, know that our secret weapon lies in a great pair of shoes. Yes! In fact, your outfit can only be as good as the shoes you’re wearing. So put on your best heels every work day, compliment with a nude pencil skirt, and a casual top to complete the power woman aura. Honestly, this is cozy-chic. The ultimate outfit for women who like to style between the ‘business’ and ‘casual’.

4. Super casual jeans.

Out of ideas on what to wear to work? For that effortless look, why not wear your favourite denim? Aside keeping you comfy and sexy all day, it can also do wonders for your boring blouse and blazer combo. But that’s not how you win the day though. With a print mix scarf, this attire can easily transform from dull to dazzling in seconds. Complete the look with a black blazer, shades, leather handbag, and matching bright coloured yellow heels. Smashing!

7 Casual Outfits When You Don’t Know What to Wear to Work 3.png

Jeans are probably the most laid back thing to wear but rock it with your own style and you’ll get the best dressed award in the office.

5. Pretty covered up.

7 Casual Outfits When You Don’t Know What to Wear to Work 4.png

Swap out those tight pencil skirts for this breezy print dress. Perfect for those who love comfort and style yet don’t want to look boring. No need to worry too, this work outfit can work like magic, no matter the season. Just go with a white blazer and add a matching black leather satchel. Also, don’t forget those sexy black heels. And yes, ponytail is a must when dressed like this.

6. Peach skirt.

Talk about power dressing. Just when you thought peach coloured outfits are so last season. This peach skirt does wonders when paired with a velvety dark blue blouse and beige heels. Trust me, you don’t only look smart, you’re also deadly cute. Combined with minimal accessories. It’s time we all agree that in the office, peach is better than red.

7. Floral babe.

The most unexpectedly charming piece of work attire. There’s probably nothing more magical than sporting your summer dress (even if it’s not summer yet) under that pretty white cardigan. Bonus if you wear it with a slick pair of heels. Sweet!

Dressing up for work doesn’t have to be stressful. No matter how much you hate your boss, insufferable colleagues or even your job, I hope it doesn’t dampen your fashion spirit. To keep that positive energy from your closet to the office, try all the outfit above. However, when creating some of your own casual outfit, I suggest keeping your personality alive. Don’t forget the office’s dress code.


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