FOR THE LADIES| 5 ways to slay a monochrome look without going black.

Ladies, did you know you could decide to pull off elegant monochromatic looks without going black? What does the word “monochrome” mean in the first place? Perhaps we should answer that first. “Being or made in different shades of a single colour”, that is the definition according to It is a fairly common misconception that a monochrome look has to be literally as simple as black and white. But it really isn’t that simple, there are grey areas, as well as a number of other colours that can be found in a monochromatic spectrum.

Why go monochrome? Well as opposed to wearing a single shade of the same colour head-to-toe, using different shades of…let’s say red for instance, applies less pressure on the eyes and helps you look less like one giant light bulb.

Here are 5 of the few colours you can go with when going monochrome.

GREY IS BAE: Grey is one of the most  versatile colours. Its pretty much black’s prettier, less gloomy, younger sister. The many shades of this cool colour,from arsenic grey to onyx ,charcoal grey and all other shades in between, makes layering effectively effortless. It is one of the few neutral colours so it flows beautifully with almost anything you wear it on or match it with.


TRY NAVY BABY: Said to be the “new black”, Navy is yet another beautiful colour you can go monochromatic with. It is still a dark colour,but it can be said to be the not-so-dull, close relative of our beloved black. It gives you a bright look because it easily contrasts with your skin tone. Navy blue is a very easily overlooked colour, but a strong one nonetheless. Go ahead, give it a try if you haven’t before, you will love you.


THE CERTAINTY OF BURGUNDY: No matter which you chose to call it, wine or maroon, burgundy is pretty pretty. If you going all maroon from top to toe isn’t a comfortable look for you, you can always throw in a black shoe or handbag/purse. Its a daring colour, even in a casual look it still makes a statement and more often denotes a certain perception of taste.


ON SOME OTHER DAYS, GO WITH BEIGE: If you are a bit unsure about going the none-black-and-white monochromatic way, try Beige. Its easily the most neutral colour out there. No matter the look you try with it, no matter the fabrics used or foot wears you decide to step out with, be confident, you didn’t do it wrong.


OLIVE: It is a bit of a sober colour, yes we know. But it’s mellow nature makes it easier for the wearer to emit an aura of class. Layering when pulling off a monochromatic look will surely look amazing when it comes to olive. Feel free to switch up the fabrics, try leather, silk, cotton,suede…the list goes on. The result; an awesome and bold monochrome look  that is guaranteed to get you a second and a third glance when you glide by.


Well there you have it lovelies. There are a number of other colours with which you can slay monochromatic looks, go ahead try it. After all, fashion is a result of series  of experimentation and never ending, ever evolving hypothesis. So be bold, try a none-black-and-white monochrome look today.


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