It has been observed for a while now that the 90s trends are coming back in the fashion world in a major way. First there were the knee socks, then the Birkenstock’s, then the crop tops, and now, velvet.

Velvet has always been a luxury fabric that’s difficult to produce, woven of lustrous silk, and with a rich depth of color and texture from the cut or uncut woven pile, velvet was only available to the very wealthy until quite recently.


Pile weaves, woven from silk and linen, which resemble velvet originated in approximately 2000 BCE in Egypt. In China, between 400 BCE and 23 CE, uncut pile weaves that more closely resemble our modern concept of velvet were developed. Then, the Middle East and eastern Europe came into their velvet zenith, with the most skilled velvet weavers in Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus. But it wasn’t until the late medieval and Renaissance period that the improvement in draw loom technology lowered the price of production and allowed velvet design and innovation to really take off in Italy and Spain.

Velvet fabric is super soft and cozy, and can be perfect for cold seasons as long as it is correctly worn. Who can resist the luxe and allure of velvet? You? Well, I can’t. It’s a fabric of nobility and royalty after all.

Velvet bottoms are about as deep into this trend as you can get. While they aren’t easy to pull off, when styled the right way, their impact will be unforgettable.

There are some power ways to rock your velvet like a boss that you are.

Kayoja Kayoja

Gift me with an elegant velvet dress or jumpsuit. It’s perfect for the evening getaway. A velvet dress really would make you stand out as royalty and to spice it up, you can add a statement necklace or belly belt to look more elegant and zap, there you go.

Kayoja Kayoja Velvet makes a shirt or top look even more chic, it gives an edgy style. Wear it with a high waist jeans or palazzo pants.
Kayoja You can try velvet accessories like bags, hair bands, earrings, face caps or even wrist watches that can be worn for any occasion from running errands to the fanciest of date nights.
KayojaVelvet comes in different shoe patterns; you can choose to wear a mule for social outing, a pump for special occasions, a chunky boot for anytime in between. Rock your velvet shoe as you would rock any other but step like royalty.
KayojaBreak loose from skinny jeans and tailored pants to try something new, wear velvet in wide-leg options. Whether they are for work or play, you can’t go wrong trying to spice up your looks.

Make sure to try out a velvet piece this season like a boss.

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