If you ever thought a scarf is simply a necktie, you are mistaken. They are now “FASHION”. Pairing a scarf with an outfit should not be a biggie. Think of scarves as a way to extend your wardrobe.

Scarves can be worn on different occasions in different ways to suit your outfit. I would like to walk you through the 5 ways I wear my scarves.

  1. The loop styleAll you need to do is to fold your scarf into two equal halves, creating a loop at one end and then wear the scarf around your neck with ends hanging in front, then pass the ends through the loop and voila “the loop style“. 
  2. The cape Simply take a long rectangular scarf and pass it around your arm all the way to the front of your outfit leaving loose ends.
  3. The single knotA square shaped scarf will work best for the single knot style. Before wrapping around the neck, hold the scarf on one single end to create a wave. Place scarf around your neck making the wave ends longer then simple knot it and slide to the side. This can be worn casually on your jeans and sleeved shirt. It gives that rugged country look.
  4. The triangular capeWrap the triangular shaped scarf around your neck backwards with the ends dropping behind you. Make firm by bringing each end forward towards the cape and arrange.
  5. Wrapping scarves around your beltSimply wrap the scarf around your body leaving the loose ends in front. Then arrange the ends over your shoulder so as to make it look like a jacket then belt it. This style can be worn when wearing a long coat to prevent cold and be extra cozy.

These are the few ways i like to wear my scarves and I think I always look lovely when I do. You should try them out too. Look out for my next article: SCARVES|HISTORY AND ORIGIN.

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