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FOR THE GENTS| 5 Reasons to include more native attires in your wardrobe.

As a modern day man of style, its pretty much considered a prerequisite to be versatile when it comes to your choice of clothing at all times. Being known as “that guy who is always wearing suit all the time” or “the broda(with a deep Nigerian accent) that is always wearing so so jeans and polo”, doesn’t exactly place you in the class of men who are considered to be of “style” or stylish.

Switching up your outlook every now and then is something every guy should consider. And as an African man switching up your outlook with home grown attires has countless upsides, with no feasible downside. At least non we can think of right now. Here are 5 great reasons why we seriously suggest that you throw a couple of native attires into your wardrobe.

  1. TRUE TO YOUR ROOTS: We as Africans have developed, over the years, the habit of adapting to Western trends and cultures, to the detriment of ours. By all means, stay trendy, keep in tune with the latest fashion from all the runways across the world, we are proponents of that. But remember your roots too, be proud of it.  African fashion is beautiful. It’s the result of the vast collection of cultures and their tribes, spread across the continent.  Nigeria alone has 3 major  and over 300 indigenous tribes, all bringing with them,their individual aesthetics. Its more than enough reason to rep where you are from,with pride.

    Noble Igwe
    Noble Igwe, repping his Igbo heritage, proudly.
  2. STAND OUT BUT NOT ALONE:  If you are the type that likes to stand out, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will look distinct in a gathering if you showed up in  a well tailored native attire. You can bet that there will be a few other men, just like you, who appreciate distinction just like you do. It is important though to bear in mind the type of outing or event you are attending. Showing up for a job interview in a native attire, no matter how well made it is, is a sure way to be distinct, but not in the best light.

    Uti NWachukwu
    Uti Nwachukwu in a “distinct” well tailored attire by
  3. LESS HASSLE WITH MATCHING: Not everybody has the ability to know what colours to throw into the mix when matching their outfits, with the right shoes or other clothing accessories, or what type of shoes best fits a certain type of outfit. As a matter of fact, the average guy doesn’t want to bother himself with the hassle of figuring out what matches with what. A good native attire saves you that stress. It can be worn on almost any type of foot wear,whether sandals, slippers or shoes, and still gives the wearer that intended sharp look, that suits almost any event.

    Anslem Morsindi
    A casual yet stylish look pulled off by our friend Anslem Mosindi. Picture that attire on a pair of shoes of almost any type, still dope, yes?
  4. ITS ALWAYS TRENDY:  Natives are in vogue now and will always be. Its a trend for both men and ladies. With the large number of African designers out there,plus the ones emerging, coming out with new designs everyday, some of them tapping inspiration from both African and Western cultures,resulting in some impressively brilliant outfits. If you wish to maintain that fresh look all the time, find yourself a good designer, give him your specs and watch how much more comments and likes you will get on your posts on Instagram and Facebook.
    Yomi Casual

    , in one of his simple yet stylish designs.

5. MORE RESPECT AND OVATION: The typical African man is a stickler for ovation,yes? We know for a fact that we all love to be accorded a certain kind of recognition and approbation while at an event. It has been seen time and time again where guys dressed in natives, whether casually or ceremoniously, get regarded as the top boss at the event, the “Chair” as you might call it. A guy wearing a native attire is usually seen as more responsible when compared with his counterparts dressed in Biker jeans, leather jackets and Christian Louboutin spiked sneakers, that’s a fact.

Richard Mofe Damijo RMD
Richard Mofe Damijo looking like the “Chair

” of the occasion in this Agbada


There are many more reasons why you should step out more often in natives, we only just brought these five to your attention and hope that when next you decide to refresh your wardrobe you will throw in a few well tailored native attires. Trust me, you will like yourself better if you do.

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