A whole lot of people love to wear denim on denim, and that probably is what people are used to because of how long the trend has settled. On the other hand, the idea of matching your top and bottoms may seem pretty boring and just neutral sometimes. Fashion enthusiasts have found ways to completely own this trend, they call it ‘monotone’ in the fashion world and trust me, it is here to stay.

Nude monotone(left), pink monotone(right)
The safest bet for those who intend to try out new trends. White on white is the GO way because you can never go wrong with white. Like Micah Gianneli here who can make a monotone white look fun and classy and at the same time sexy!

Now yeahhh my favorite! All black errthang! For days when you choose to make a ‘silent statement’ because you can, black is bae. None other can serve its purpose and trust me this monotone statement is here to stay.

Feeling confident about the monotone fashion trend yet? Let’s experiment with colors we wouldn’t try out on a norm, we’re not boring after all! You don’t need no color palettes to try it out cause you’re free to pick your favorites. Just remember to pick hues in order not to end up with matching coordinates. 

Feel free to go bold on colors. If earlier you started with pastels for the day and subtly paired them with matching accessories to complete the look, now, try switching to brighter colours for the evening. It may be quite tricky to match the accessories, but they were never the point anyway.

Last but not the least, play with fabrics, textures and designs(like graphic tees). Yes, monotone is about wearing the same(similar) color or shade on top and bottom but whoever said you couldn’t add some diversity to it?? Play with textures… go for velvet, wool, silk, etc. Explore and exploit is what the fashion world is about, innitΒΏ

Image Credits: Google, Pinterest 

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    1. Hello Chaarly. There are no special samples for men. In this case, same thing applies for both men and women.
      But we can help out if you need to get smashingly hot in monotone.

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