5 Easy Style Rules For College Students

Colleges and Universities are considered to be extremely serious environments where learning and only learning takes place. Nevertheless, education is of high importance especially in the kind of society we’re in today but students can’t attend classes naked and they will have to dress in a way morally pleasing to the society and school.

However, dressing morally doesn’t stop you from exploring fashion or craving and actualizing certain styles. Students should be able to dress comfortably to suit their learning environment. Any student can be stylish, although it takes courage to have the best style from other students and it makes you stand out and make good impressions. In order to choose a good personal style and stand out, there are certain things students have to consider.

The following are five easy style rules for college students:


When buying a personal clothing, it is important to consider its permanency. This does not mean the clothes will last forever. As students, purchasing polyester and cotton blend clothes can save you more money than purchasing only cotton clothes. Polyester-cotton clothes last relatively longer and its durable as well as fashionable. So when purchasing clothes, it is important most times to consider permanency rather than price.


Not all clothes last for long, not cause they have short durability but because they are of low quality. I’m quite sure it has happened to a lot of students – you buy a pair Jeans or a shoes and after wearing for about 2 or 3 times, the jeans tears or maybe the sole of the shoe starts to crack. However, maintaining quality would cost you more than your budget; the quality of clothes (finished seams, strong stitches, strength of fabric) defines clothes durability and quality. Fashionable and quality dressing reflects respect for people you interact with.


Some students find it quite difficult financially because they have reduced source of income. Anyway, the little money you get can cover your personal requirements when you consider some tactics like budget and bargain shopping as well as smarter spending – choose the stores that sell at affordable prices or even give out student discounts. Also, you can make a list of things that you require and make a budget to prevent buying unnecessary things and before purchasing clothing you can try to bargain and this can leave some money with you. Money saved can be used towards achieving other things.


Students should buy clothes in the way that one jeans can be used for several tops or shirts, one shoes used for several clothing pieces and so on. A more clothing combination with fewer clothes means that you will not have a wardrobe malfunction and no worry because almost everything matches. Students need to consider suitable clothes that fit them well and for trousers, durable trouser (khaki or jeans) that will be suitable for everyday activities. The advantage of having suitable clothing is that you can incorporate the clothing varieties, have a fashionable look and also save money.


It is important for students to be unique and different in every sense of fashion. You won’t stand out if you dress like 13 other students do. If you’re a student that follows college trends, then you’re not unique. Mind you, you can follow trends with a little this and that added to your style. You know? Fashion goes but style stays. Fashion belongs to everyone and style belongs to you so it’s in your best interest to secure your style. Nevertheless, how one dresses explains more about his or her personality and no matter how smart a student is, a professor might fail to take him or her more serious due to dressing style portrayed. It is therefore important to create your style that matches your career and follows that path. Moreover, practicing at an early stage to have your unique style helps one develop likability especially with the professors and can earn you an opportunity. Imagine attending a class in slippers and pajamas and yet you really require a recommendation from the professor? Bear in mind that a unique personal style can maximize your potential opportunities.

Students can be smart and stylish at the same time. You don’t have to be an underdressed geek to go through school and for school to go through you. College students should consider their appearance because it defines who they are. Dress as you wished to be addressed with a little more style.

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