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It’s a beautiful day. Sometime ago, I published a post about the 10 shoes every man should have in his wardrobe, remember?Β  Well today I will be telling you about the 4 most important, must have types of bags every woman should have in her wardrobe.

As we know, the bag is a woman’s companion and sometimes her bag speaks louder than her outfits. A woman can have one color of 4 different bags or 4 different colors of one bag in her wardrobe just because. That goes to show you how much women love bags.

Here are the 4 must have bags in that should be found in every woman’s wardrobe before any others:


Cross bags are quite popular right now and they come in really ‘handy’ sizes and allow you carry your essentials. They are easy to carry since you wear them across your body and they come in varieties. They are a must have for every modern woman.

It can be worn casually either during the day or at night especially times when you don’t need so much things and when you’re trying to maintain a medium level of dressiness.

A Louis Vuitton Cross Bag


You don’t need more than one or two of them in your closet unless you have super love for them. They can be used for those dressy occasions – they are the appropriate bag. Do not go to a formal occasion with a bag slung over your shoulder. It’s just not appropriate. Clutches come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

They are nice for weddings and dinners, but not for any kind of formal outing.

A beautifully designed clutch bag


The oversized bag might not exactly be easy to carry but it sure carries a lot. I call it the ‘go to’ bag. This kind of Bag is great for traveling and quite containing for a mom with kids. It is essential for every woman no matter her stage in life and if you’re only going to get one, get a neutral colored one.

This kind of bag can be used anywhere casually; to the grocery store, the park -you name it. However, it can’t be used for evening outings ’cause oversized look casual and smaller bags are almost dressy.

A brown over-sized bag
A brown over-sized bag


The last but not the least of the four most important bags a woman must have are the tote bags. They are definitely the cheapest of all four bags. They come in different shades and sizes and sometimes they tend to look like grocery bags. They are the most casual and they are great to have in your closet for those super casual days when you need to tote around a lot of things. There’s no rule to buying a tote bag so get whatever one you want with whatever cute pattern, paintings and sayings.

tote bags can be used on days when you need to go to the grocery shop, the library or even picnic and on those days when you love to mix up your looks.

A tote bag

So, if you don’t have non of these bags, I suggest you go do some shopping. For me, I need to add to my collection of the 4 must have bags in a woman’s wardrobe. Have fun shopping ladies.

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