Cinth Stitches 2018 Collection – A Stitch That Saves Nine

Aba, one of the biggest commercial cities in the eastern part of Nigeria and I dare say the whole country in general. A city known for the ingenuity of the merchants whom through their business exploits, as well as the uncanny ability and the creative minds of the Aba people who can reproduce almost anything produced by man, has earned her the title “the China of Africa“. Out of this commercially proficient city, comes this truly original, men’s fashion brand, Cinth Stitches.

Agbai Eme, the CEO and creative director of Cinth Stitches, whom with his 11 years in the fashion industry, has created a brand known for its brilliantly designed, bespoke, contemporary, Afrocentric and western wears, for the modern day style conscious man. Cinth Stitches’ bold designs are a resulting evidence of Agbai Eme’s remarkable creativity and unwavering dexterity.


“A Stitch That Saves Nine”, the brand’s first collection released this year, was inspired by the saying “a stitch in time saves nine“. After research and consultation with customers, it was discovered that people have experienced disappointments from tailors and fashion brands, whom haven’t lived up to expectation by either delayed time of delivery or out-rightly delivering shabbily done, poorly finished and ill-fitting outfits. With the “A stitch that saves nine” collection, Cinth stitches reemphasizes on the fact that the brand’s reputation is established on a no-fail-no-disappointment policy. “Save yourself nine stitches by choosing Cinth Stitchescinth_stitches--1530609722862.jpgcinth_stitches--1530609723240.jpgcinth_stitches--1530609712663.jpg

Cinth sitches img opt 3
Cinth stiches img 4 opt
Cinth Stiches 3 opt
Cinth stiches img2 opt
cinth stiches opt
cinth stiches img opt
Cinth stiches img 5 opt
Brand Name: Cinth Stitches
Creative Director: Agbai Eme @agbai_eme
Brand Instagram Handle: @cinth_stitches

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