5 suits every man should own in his wardrobe.

Every modern day man should own a well tailored suit. I mean, I think having one just has to be a basic requirement for every male wardrobe. You can have pairs of jeans, dress pants, patterned or plain shirts, polos, T-shirts and native outfits(for the African man proud of his heritage), but you can’t go without owning a suit if you want to really express that dapper side of that gentle man that is you.

Being a well dressed “dapper man” can be tricky actually, not everyone can pull it off. But not to worry though, we’ve got you covered with a quick breakdown of some key types of suits that pretty much covers all the bases, which are essential haves for your wardrobe, to help you achieve that desired James Bond suave look you for all occasions.

1. Single breast

This is pretty basic, the first suit most men buy and the one you must have in your closet, that’s if you don’t have it already. It’s an absolute must-have! Why? Well because it is very appropriate for almost every event. It can be paired with a shirt and tie.

2. Double breast

When you need to make a statement and distinguish yourself from the average, this suit is a total go-for. It shows class and gives people the notion that you are fashion conscious. We suggest dark colours, they are more appropriate.

3. Tuxedo

Now this, I particularly like, even though it isn’t an everyday suit. It’s but those rare occasion of events/functions that come up every now and then, like a gala, auction or dinner or even a wedding( if you want to be that eccentric man that out-dressed the groom). As a man, you should just try to have at least one handy.

4. Patterned suit

Plaids or stripped suits are very useful when you are tired of plain colours and would love to spice things up a little. Patterned suits add character to your look and presents you as a more interesting person.

5. Summer suit

These are more casual looking and come in handy when it’s hot; i mean the weather. They come in light weighted and colourful variances. It can be worn to the office on regular work days, though may be more appropriate for TGIFridays, and more suitable for lunch dates and semi-casual meetings.

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