STYLE GUIDE|Matching your sweater with cute pieces

This is the season of sweaters and cardigans. How can i tell? Well, I am wearing one now. The raining season comes with a cold atmosphere and to get warm, you need sweaters or cardigans. But do not forget to be stylish while trying to get cozy and warm. Wearing a sweater or cardigan is no excuse to be lackadaisical about your looks, neither does it give you space to play the cheat code card. Instead it means you need to look sharper than the days when the sun is out.

Here are a few quick ideas on how to stay warm and still look exceptionally stylish while at it:

Try lavander/ purple combo this season
Athleisure goodness; camo + ash joggers + ash cashmere sweater + white button down shirt
Navy green wide leg palazzo pants and an ash cashmere sweater with a brown bag
Knitted dress in ash and red pumps
Pop of colours; yellow cashmere sweater on purple trousers
Off shoulder lemon sweater and an office trouser serving us work vibes
Turtle necked sweater in a red slip dress; amazing yeah?
Sweater and skirt; satisfies your churchy looks

Be inspired.

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