Folake Kuye Huntoon, born in 1977, in Brooklyn, New York, is a Style blogger and fashion designer, who graduated from the University of Maryland and also attended School of Fashion and Style at Fred Segal Beauty. She is the editor of StylePantry, a fashion blog which she founded in 2009. She also has a children’s line called Wewe which she created in 2008. Folake, a married, mother of 3 kids, uses her style as an outlet to say who she is. She isn’t entirely crazy about trends but she definitely knows how to play with colors…a lot.

Today, Folake Kuye Huntoon is our style mentor and we’re crazy about how she styles her kimono robes and jackets.

See pictures below⬇️

Folake Styles Her Black Floral Kimono With a Pair of Distress Jeans, a White Top, a Pair of Mules and a Red Handbag
Folake in a White Ripped Skinny Jeans, White Top, Yellow Stilettos and a Blue Base Motif Kimono Robe
Folake Styles a Red and Black Patterned Kimono on Blue Skinny Jeans, White Top and Black Pump Heels
Folake Kuye Huntoon in Blue Ripped Jeans, White Top, Beige Stilettos with a Boho Kimono Robe
Folake Wearing a White Top Tucked in White Skinny Pants on Green Heels and a Floral Kimono
Folake Styles Her Yellow Waterfall Kimono Jacket in 3 Ways: with Blue Ripped Jeans, White Top and Yellow Heels; With White Skinny Pants, Blue Top and Nude Stilettos; Lastly, with Monochrome Override Pants, White Top and Black Pump Heels
Folake Styles the Yellow Base Chiffon Kimono with Ripped White Skinny Pants, White One-hand Blouse and Clear Strap Sandals
Folake in White Skinny Pants, Red Animal Print Patterned Kimono and Rose Gold Sandals
Folake in Black Belted Kimono Jacket, Bleached Blue Ankle Cut Jeans and Black Stilettos
Folake in Blue Jeans, Black Tank Top, Yellow Stilettos and Floral Long Sleeve Kimono

This is KayojaStyle mentor of today in shades/styles of kimonos. What’s your own Kimono story? Tell us how you style your Kimono jackets and robes in the comment section.

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