THE MAN|Spicy Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a key piece for every man’s wardrobe and personally I think it’s a must have for everyone not just a man. It is a bold and exciting piece that in one way or another tends to give your outfit a sparkling spice.

Kanye West in black leather jacket

The leather jacket is classic and timeless; no doubt it will always be in fashion.

Leather jackets are perfect for creating a ‘classic look’; an evening after work on a glass of beer. The classic look never disappoints and simplicity will help nail this look.


This piece most times serve as an accessory and because of how glossy and shiny the leather material is, I would advise that it’s not worn with too much or overly flashy accessories. ‘SIMPLICITY’ is a key word whenever it’s concerned with leather.



The leather jacket comes on different styles to blend with everyone’s personality and mood. There are quite a number of leather jackets; for instance the leather biker jacket, the leather varsity jacket and the flight and bomber jacket.

The Flight or Bomber Jacket
A man wearing a leather varsity jacket
Biker Jackets

As the title of this post implies ‘spicy leather jacket’, leather jackets spice up every outfit, creating a classic, timeless, bold and bossy look everytime it is worn. The fun part about the leather jacket is it can be styled or worn with almost everything, a tee or graphic tee, a shirt and a tie, a pair of jeans, a Chelsea boot, a sneaker etc. Don’t get too stylish and confident and forget the rule which is keeping it simple and by keeping it simple, I mean in accessories; as simple as possible.

Go explore and have fun styling your leather jacket as you like.


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