Going to church in Nigeria is a big deal for people. They are beginning to make it seem like going to church is all about fashion, not God anymore.

However, this isn’t about the Christian but what the Christian wears to church. So, yeah it is church!

Remember you’re not supposed to wear what will distract people’s attention from God to you, right? Here are some church outfit ideas to keep in mind.

It’s beautiful when couples dress stylishly and in matching colours to church. It not only shows love but togetherness and these on agape grounds is what the church rests. A couple that slays together and prays together, stays together.

Now check this out! I can’t get enough of this family. This Eastern Nigerian material popularly called “Isi agu“,(meaning; the head of the lion) that was thought to be meant for men only… now see how it was made to uniquely fit everyone.

Hell no! A little black dress in the Lord’s house isn’t a bad idea. A well tailored/designed black dress worn on pretty gold stilettos and a black purse just as Nini did is a perfect pair. Just don’t wear an overly short or tight outfit, you will surely be doing so for all the wrong reasons.

I choose to relate this dress to the popular Nigerian saying that goes “when breeze blow, fowl nyash go open”. Although, for church, the dress should be longer (probably as long as the cape) but I totally love the cape dress and how it goes with the turban.

Is it just me or does her tailor deserves an applaud? This material is well arranged. The style is just a regular straight dress sewn with Ankara, but the beauty of the fabric and creativity of the designer makes it look like style is actually “going to church.”

Where are the gele lovers? This is for you. The mix and match of fabric colors, the style and the gele that was used to top the elegance depicts how style goes to church.


You won’t tell me that that shirt doesn’t stand out. No it’s not custom made, it’s Ankara. Yes I know you’re surprised. The fringes on the skirt and the white blouse with padded flair neckline is what I call ‘statement’.

If you’re more of a trouser kind of lady, why not wear your favorite pair of pants or a two-pair set and when you run out of options, just go with a long print dress.



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