Spotlight| A JMc Afrikana Collection

“The greatness of art is not to find what is common but to find what is unique ” 

                                                                        -Isaac Bashevis Singer

Fashion is an art form, yes it is. And an example of a unique art form is JMc Afrikana’s latest collection titled “The Spotlight”. Onuora Ejike Kelvin, the CEO and Creative Director of Jikez Made Clothing Afrikana, a cross gender African fashion brand, based in Asaba, the capital city of Delta State Nigeria,  called this particular collection “The Spotlight”.

What does a spotlight do? As it is known, a spotlight illuminates, or brings to notice or attention, a person, an object, or a group on a stage. JMc Afrikana, in a bid to showcase and promote African traditions and culture through fashion, as it is their stock-in-trade, tailor made(a large amount of pun intended) the Spotlight collection, with that very goal in mind.

The Spotlight Collection is a creative work of art in our definition. JMc Afrikana didn’t loose it’s usual au courant  appeal in the design process. This collection is as traditionally African, as it is contemporary. Much has been said already, scroll down and get a load of creativity personified:  JMc Afrikana’s Spotlight Collection.


                       “Oh the runways will be set ablaze with this one…”

                                                                 -Ugbah Chukwuemeka

Jikez Made Clothing Afrikana (JMc Afrikana)
Onuora Ejike Kelvin: CEO/ Creative Director
IG: @jmcafrikana1




  1. […] The year 2016 was an exceptional year in the world of African fashion. We were opportune to bear witness to numerous amazing collections from numerous brands and designers, most of which went above and beyond with the amount of work and level of creativity put into their designs, which resulted in the beautiful collections that blazed the runways all over Africa, our wardrobes, and of course the blogosphere. One of such brands was JMc Afrikana, who came out with “The Spotlight” […]


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