The Beautiful Instagram Moments at #CHOBS2016

It happened on Saturday the 11th of this month, Noble Igwe,the fashion blogger/style influencer and his beautiful bride Chioma got wedded and as expected, it was an exceptionally beautiful one. We have put together some of the most beautiful moments caught on camera and posted on Instagram with the hashtag #CHOBS2016. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.13414320_310132589318521_1532937810_n.jpg13397457_1786843538219075_1642215454_n.jpg13385834_640903106059871_143955949_n.jpg13320027_144239145985899_982677255_n.jpg13328993_291653617846047_2088858915_n.jpg13355528_2030142923878055_252924052_n.jpg

Mai Atafo certainly did an awesome job with Noble’s suit
Chioma’s wedding gown is to die for!!! It was made by Yemi Osunkoya.


You did enjoy it, yes? We knew you would…*wink*

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