10 ways to style a culottes perfectly

Culottes are a major comeback this season. We know you might not have an idea what they are but we are about to introduce you to a highly fashionable piece and also teach you how to style it. They were originally worn by upper-class European men in the middle ages and used to have a tight closure around the knee.

Somewhere along the revolution of fashion, they became more loosed and flowy and majority of them still hang around the knee area. They can sometimes be longer in the midi lenght or shorter like shorts. When worn, culottes usually hang and look like a skirt-except they are pants which is kind of awesome.

Culottes are super comfy and are perfect for a sunny day out because they are breezy, chic and look better without a lots of layers. They can seem very intimidating and tricky to wear, because they are not super popular and because they come off as very high fashion. This doesn’t mean they can’t have a space in your closet. Here are 10 ways on how to style your culottes easily…

1. Keep it chic and professional yet cool with solid culottes, a graphic tank and a pair of strappy heels.

2. Go for a simple and summery look by wearing light pink culottes with a white tank top and a pretty sandals.

3. If you a bold fashionista and aren’t shaken by stares, pairing a high waist culottes and a cute bralette on sandals should go for you.

4. For cooler and breezy days, opt for a cropped turtlenecked sweater, culottes and simple heels. This is so simple and chic.

5. Wear a pair of culottes that ties by the waist and show that off by tucking in the shirt. Bright colours are really what makes this style pop.

6. Not into the overdressing trend? Not into the more stylish look? Keep your culottes super casual with a slip-on sneaker and a soft tee.

7. Most people tend to think that plus sized girls can’t wear culottes because of the over-sizedΒ shape of theirs, that’s not true. Look how awesome they look on this fashionista. She tucked in her shirt to create more of a waist while her heels elongated her legs.

8. Feeling chilly? Add a leather jacket to toughen up even the most feminine culottes.

9. For a more professional look, add a blazer and some court room pumps to nail it completely.

10. Going for monotone? White on white is super summery and allows lots of ventilation into your body. It makes it look more like a jump suit.

How do you wear your culottes? Which style do you fancy more? Do well to share your preferred style of showing off your culottes with us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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