1. Brogues

They come in a number of variations and are so versatile that having a pair is almost a no-brainer. They will fast become your “suitable for all occasions”. Jeans, pants, chinos… pretty much any style can be covered off with them. The classics if cared for properly will be a worthwhile investment.



2. Chelsea boots

If you want to go for a slightly modern look with a suit, you’ll need a pair of Chelsea Boots – paired with a moderately slim jeans or pants they look just as good, and they’re so comfortable that you might just end up wearing them far more often than you had planned. 

chelsea boots.jpg


3. Oxfords

This variation of the brogue brings you a different look altogether. The classic Oxford is just the ticket for any event approaching formal that you might be required to attend. 



4. Chukkas

An excellent casual choice that are a departure from the ultra-relaxed sneaker, but not so far that they swing towards the Chelsea boots, chukkas are an excellent everyday choice and you’ll be grateful you added these to your collection.



5. Monk straps

If you want a break from laces every now and then but don’t want to go back to the days of Velcro school shoes, a stunning pair of monk straps is the answer, or you could go minimalist with a superb single-strap version.



6. White sneakers

Yes, we called them sneakers, just because we’ll reserve the terms “trainers” for later. The difference is that these won’t be for sport, just for a casual and sporty look. A nice pair of whites with jeans will keep things relaxed but classy at the same time. 



7. Running shoes

OK, so here are your “trainers”, and these are for practical purposes. Every man worth his salt should have a decent pair of running shoes, regardless of how often he uses them. Think of your precious feet when making this purchase, as the wrong runners can mash your trotters up.

running shoes.jpg


8. Espadrilles

A pair of espadrilles is a necessary element in your shoe selection for when you do go to sunnier climes or the beach.

Light, comfortable and flat-packing, there’s no reason not to have a pair for the beach. Buying a pair from Toms will give you a warm glow inside.



9. Boat shoes

You won’t need a boat, just a beautiful vista and some nice weather. Breathable, comfortable and stylish to boot, your boat shoes will be just right for those smart casual occasions on holiday.

boating shoes.jpg


10. Loafers

A further lace-less option, the loafer is another summer shoe that gives you something smart to play with. Equally doable as a casual or smart shoe, your loafer will be a versatile investment.


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